Why Are Kardashian Jenner’s So Fake All These days?

Why Are Kardashian Jenner's So Fake All These days? | Yolo Celebs image 1

Why are people so fake these days?

Fake breasts, noses, faces, etc. It’s so gross, and why don’t people just stay the way they were created? I mean, yeah… looks do matter, but becoming a plastic Barbie doll just isn’t worth it. The time and effort just to look fake? Totally not worth it. Just be you!

Kylie Jenner Stop Wearing Make Up!

fat lips kardashians plastic surgery

Caking makeup on like Kylie Jenner isn’t good for your skin, and if you are, prepare yourself for them breakouts! Not only is she using makeup to help her be fake, she also got lip injections to make her lips a lot puffier and bigger. I think her goal is to look like a puffer fish. She isn’t much of a good role model for girls, plus I think she’s just in it all for the gold. Her boyfriend isn’t so stacked, so I don’t really think she’s dating him for money…it could just be because he’s a bad boy.

These Kardashian’s Are Just Fake as Plastic Dolls

A few days ago it was Kylie’s birthday, and her boyfriend Tyga surprised her with a brand new Maybach car. They then went on vacation to Turks and Caicos, and probably filmed a bunch of other sex tapes while visiting both of those places. So keep your eyes peeled if you’re into celebrity sex.


When Kylie and Tyga landed back in California, Tyga avoided his warrant for arrest by paying off a majority of his debts he had. YIKES! He’s just using Kylie for her money, because he most definitely used her to avoid his arrest. It’s sad that she can’t see that he is using her, or maybe she knows and just likes fake people like herself. Happy birthday, Kylie! Kiss your money goodbye. She is so selfish that she celebrates her birthday every single day the month before and after. Like come on, stop making everyone’s money go dry! She even gets a bunch of expensive freebies just because she’s famous. Happy birthday, Kylie you whore.