Kanye West A Little Bitch You Are

You Are a Bitch Kanye for interrupting and Hatting on Taylor Swift

Kanye West A Little Bitch You Are | Yolo Celebs

Kanye West is a Whiny Bitch

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Looks like he’s up to his old tricks Mr. Kanye West picking on Taylor Swift once again before Selena Gomez birthday party pics and his short syndrome never stops. Let’s get straight to the point. Kanye are you having short man syndrome? No joke this guy just won’t stop. First he interrupts Taylor Swift speech in 2009 for best artist. thinking in his mind Beyoncé should have won. But guess what? she didn’t you little bitch. A week later he’s crying on TV about how his mom would have been disappointed in him For his actions that night. Now it looks like he’s up to his old tricks picking on poor Taylor once again. Sounds a little bipolar and dangerous. Here at Yolo Celebs we are trying to figure out his motives. Could the rumors be true? That Kanye tried having sex Taylor but she wasn’t having it? That could be a good reason why he’s being a bully….


So come on Mr. West your famous rich and your wife’s a slut. You should be content! Who wouldn’t love to wake up to a fish lip whore that bitches and cries about everything. You got it made! Smile more Mr. west. they will have a cure for short man syndrome and hepatitis C.